Site graphic design is the design of the overall look of the site. Decisions about color themes, fonts, and overall feeling or impression are all a part of the graphic design of the site. It's a good idea to think about the assumptions& associations you want a viewer to have when they look at the site. These can & should play a strong role in the deciding what the design should be like.

Comparison with Print Graphic design

It may sound like Web site design is like print design & in many ways it is. There are some important differences. Here are a few examples

Speed: Unlike a printed page which is finished when you pick it up a web design must concern itself with how long a page will take to load. Because of this factor some graphic approaches that work extremely well in print cannot be used online.

Navigation: Another difference is that print design has no navigation to worry about - unless you count page numbers or chapter headings. In web site graphic design the navigation strategy has to be inherent to the graphic design rather than an after thought.

Web Style

Web sites have been rightly criticized in many cases, for having a overly flashy look which does far more to confuse than impress.

On the other hand some web sites genuinely need to be amazing looking in order to effectively compete particularly with younger users. Web sites that promote lifestyle products or services often fall in this category.

Eyebytes is not dogmatic about this issue & will help choose & implement graphic design appropriate to your site's goals.