Web sites 2-3 years old may need to be revised.

There are many reasons that this happens

- technology changes
- goals changes
- budgets change
- mistakes are identified

The main advantage to revision over a rebuild is that it is usually faster & less expensive to do than outright replacement.

When revision isn't right

To decide between a rebuilt & a revision it is important to compare the costs of each in some cases rebuilding is actually cheaper. This will often be be true when:

- the core goals of the site have shifted
- the site is over 4 years old

Some sites have been built so sloppily that they cannot be revised & the only salvage possible is that of texts.

Sometimes a mini site to address a specific audience is preferable to site revision.


A successful web site revision will follow essentially the same steps crucial to building a web site from scratch. An exception is that many of the technology issues are usually already worked out.

If site revision has been selected the following elements should be agreed on:

- Planning questions
- Limits to the revision
- Budget agreed
- Timeline agreed