Web site success comes from careful planning. Here are some common questions it is prudent to consider before starting:


- What age range?
- Gender?
- Where do they live?
- What's their income?
- How long will they look?
- What info do they need?
- What's their attitude?
- What's kind of connection will they use?


In addition to presenting information will the site:
- Encourage 2 way communication?
- Buy or sell things?


- What sites will your web site compete with?
- What are they doing right & wrong & how can we apply that to your site?
- Do you control the intended domain name for the site?


- What is the time & money budget for building the site?
- How much time & money can go into maintaining & updating the site?
- Will you promote the site?
- If so how?
- What's the promotion budget?


- Who is writing the texts to be used?
- Have you considered hiring somebody to write the texts?
- If you are using existing texts, will anybody review them to be sure they make sense on the web?


- Do you have some of the graphic elements (such as photos or logos) ready - or will you need them to be made or bought?
- Are there any sites you especially admire?
- If so which ones & what do you specifically admire?
- Will that graphic style apply well to your site?