Site Navigation design enables visitors to your site to have a positive and effective experience. They need to feel in control of the experience, or else they may just leave. It is also important to note that users can enter the site on amy page from a link outside your site.


There are many successful models for successful navigation that exist already. If we compare your project with sites that already exist we may find a model that fits your project.

In other cases the navigation may be unusual & require some original structure.

All Navigation systems have some aspects in common

Categories: What kinds of categories does your information fall into?

Width: How many categories do you need to present at first to clearly present the site's content?

Depth: How many layers will it take to present your information? Do you need sub-categories or sub-sub-categories? Will only an built in search engine solve navigation for some information?

Primary Navigation may be done with text links, with drop down menus or with sliding links that respond to mouse movement.

Secondary navigation

In addition to primary means of navigation it is sometimes a good idea to provide a second means in addition. Eyebytes can help you decide if these will help you site or just get in the way.

Information's structure

When you are thinking about categories for Navigation you have just started to think about Information design which is the next page.