Small web sites or mini sites have become popular recently because they

- Cost less than a conventional web site
- Can be more targeted to a specific demographic
- Can use graphic styles not appropriate for an 'official' or primary site
- Can get a simple message out more quickly because of a shorter development cycle
- Can extend the visibility of a primary web site on search engines
- Can drive traffic to a primary web site

With mini sites it is possible to experiment & learn from success& failure without a high overhead cost.

Many mini sites are essentially advertisements that have been extended for customers who are now interested.

When mini site isn't right

To decide between a mini site & a regular site think about how long the site needs to exist after it is built.

Some cases when a mini site may not be appropriate

- Is the site going to last for more than a year?
- Is the site going to be the only site for the business or organization?
- Does the site have multiple messages to deliver to different demographics?

Mini sites are growing more popular every year

The huge utility of mini sites may make their production more common than regular sites in the next few years.