Web site interactivity happens in several ways. The most common & simplest is the link itself.

The user clicks on a link & most of the time a new page appears to replace the old one. Now it is possible to do several other kinds of things with a text link. The main idea here is to give a user feedback that is useful or amusing.

Deciding when & how to use these actions is part of interactivity design.

Some of the possible interactions now available include:

- 'Mouse over' effects
- Animation
- Other Text Changes
- Moused text changes

When these options are used to clarify a purpose or let a user preview what a link offers these interactions may serve a purpose. These options are often added to site navigation.

Other kinds of interactions are now possible as well even up to providing a video-game like level of interactivity. Most web sites will not require these features for some time if ever.


Other than links forms are the dominant way that web sites interact with users. Searching the Internet, adding your name to a mailing list, or buying something online al require forms.

Designing these forms to be easy to use, pleasant to look at & to help users when you fill them out incorrectly is an important aspect of any site that interacts with it's users.