Eyebytes recommends a serious look at the power of eMail. A successful eMail strategy is crucial to the success of many kinds of web sites. These include

- Online stores
- Political sites
- Promotional Sites
- Tourist sites
- Universities
- Transportation & airports
- News media

Eyebytes can help to establish an effective eMail strategy & implementation.

Service Categories

There are many ways to use eMail effectively with an audience who has agreed to be reached by you. These include

- Newsletters
- Promotions
- Online surveys
- Announcements


Email strategy should always avoid the use of spamming. Spam is sending email to a address that has not requested to be contacted. Spamming is not effective in the long term because it alienates potential customers and existing ones.

Effective email strategies

Pay attention to

Relevance: eMail that is of marginal interest erodes interest in eMail from you. eMail which is relevant increases willingness.

Consistency: A consistent 'tone' or 'voice' in the text & a consistent graphic format of the text in the email creates trust.

Frequency: eMail that comes too often or not often enough will irritate on the one hand & baffle on the other. An appropriate schedule helps insure a willing readership.