The Eyebytes web site design process follows this general pattern

- first we need to understand the client demographic. This impacts size of font, colors, density of information, etc

- broad ideas are then presented to the client

- then the client selects from increasingly specific mockups until the site is ready to be built.

We apply known best practices whenever relevant. This enhances the speed of the site, clarity in navigation, and site placement on search engines to name just a few benefits.

Updating a site is the best way to ensure traffic & transactions so we encourage clients to let us build web sites that they will be able to update easily & inexpensively.

Eyebytes knows that a good text is invaluable for a web site. We always encourage our clients to use a writer or writing service to maximize the impact of their site.


- Overview
- Planning
- Site graphic design
- Navigation design
- Information design
- Interactivity & Form design
- Animation Flash & Sound
- Site revision
- Mini sites
- Search engine services
- eMail services