Promotional material is a very broad category. On the more conservative side this includes such business basics as

- presentation folders
- brochures
- booklets
- binders

Acrobat & PDF

Sometimes rather than print an item is is designed & made available on the web in a printable PDF format. This is an increasingly popular way to create & distribute promotional materials.

Other promotional material

- postcards
- flyers
- calendars
- stickers
- appointment cards
- thank-you cards

Imprinted goods

Virtually any product you can imagine can be had with your logo added. Here are just a few examples

- CD Cases
- Bags
- Post-it Notes
- Coffee mugs

Eyebytes can help create a plan that fits your promotional needs & business or organizational goals. Eyebytes can also help you find & manage vendors for sourcing these promotional materials.

Promotional materials often need more than the your logo or identity imprinted on them to be effective. To ensure your investment bears results innovative demographically targeted designs are required.

Eyebytes has an excellent track record in this area.

Two remaining kinds of promotional materials Newsletters & Catalogs, are discussed on other pages.