A magazine is in some ways one of the biggest design challenges. This is because two opposite forces are always working on a magazine:

Consistency, which promotes the identity of the magazine

Change - for the sake of drawing interest.


Consistency can be found in the shape of the letters forming the title of the magazine. The color of the title may very well change from issue to issue to go with new cover art or photography.

The job of setting a magazine design up & then the job of using that design are sometimes separated.

Setting a magazine design in place means setting standards & setting up sample design variation for the desigers who build the magzine on a monthly basis to use.

Some alteration & expansion on the initial design standards will inevitably need to be done in response to:

- New content
- Reader response

For some magazines the pressure to be seen as evolving is intense & reinventing the magazine may be an almost monthly event.

On the other hand changing a magazine too much from month to month can make it hard to recognize or develop a relationship with in which case the magazine's brand equity is lost.

This balancing act is what makes magazine design both fun & challenging.

Electronic distribution via whatever combination of media is relevant should often be be considered in any new or revised magazine design.