Catalogs also now come in a wide array of forms. They come as:

- web pages
- Acrobat PDF files
- printed on paper
- & combination of these.

Eyebytes can help you choose from these formats.

Catalogs are typically far more involved design projects than newsletters. This is because their structure is more complex.

Catalogs require complicated & rigorous formatting. This formatting makes sure that crucial information such as prices & 800 numbers easy to find.

If a new catalog is going to have a web equivalent the design for the two projects should be realted & design consideration in each one allowed to impact the other so that graphic in consitancies are avoided.

The look & feel of a catalog can be related to the graphic identity of the client or sponsoring organization - or not, depending on the degree of association desired.

Finding & fine tuning this look & feel is an Eyebytes specialty.