Book design is a rich & complicated task. It is also a very rewarding one.

The first issue to resolve is the format or book size. Here are some common book types:

- novel
- cookbook
- art
- coffee table
- children's story
- school
- scientific
- play scripts
- books of poetry

Each of these categories has a typical size and some typical approaches to their design based on the way they will be used.

- Novels are read for long periods.

- Cook books need to be read from a greater distance since they are used by people who may have their hands full or who have laid the book down.

- Children's books need to be lighter in weight & so on.

Apart from the format of a book there is also the feeling or style that the book has which is communicated by choices of fonts, paper, illustration, photography & graphic design.

The audience for books is becoming more visually sophisticated all the time. Depending on the project this may be mean that a totally new approach, a more refined approach, or a relevant historical approach needs to be found.

That said there are plenty of excellent conventional models that can be drawn on - this may be best for some kinds of projects.

Sometimes books are made to be in a series in which case careful planning to ensure both variety & consistency is required.