Almost all business' need these basic materials:

- Business cards
- Letterhead
- Envelopes

Many business also need:

- Presentation folders
- Additional envelope sizes
- Invoices
- Postal labels
- Fax sheet

The design of these kinds of documents gives the world a surprising amount of information about your business. Even mundane documents such as these will cause a viewer to make unconscious assumptions about your business or organization.

Before having basic documents made it is a good idea to decide what assumptions you would like a viewer to make. Eyebytes can help you develop this list of characteristics & then translate it into an effective & cost efficient design.

When Eyebytes creates these documents we need to know the quantity you are likely over a year. We will also want to know to the extent it reasonable to forecast, what your business conditions may be like over the next 3 years.

The reason is that one way of saving money is to preprint a larger number of documents & leave the names or address & phone number off a portion of them so that you can add new employees or change locations or add locations easily & inexpensively in the future.