Bitmaped video game graphics made for Brøderbund & Maxis in 'Sim City 2000', 'Kid Pix 2' & 'Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego Deluxe Edition' were the first elements in our portfolio.

'Thinking in pixels' is a skill that takes time to acquire because the process is so different from drawing or any other type of illustration.

We really enjoy making illustrations in this style in part because they are so familiar & in part because we enjoy the craft of doing it.

Making a bitmapped graphic is like making a mosaic from stones or glass.

The newest video games often do not require bitmaps for their forms - only their textures. The textures are often made without the need for fine individual pixel control.

The usefulness of old fashioned bitmapped graphics is not completely past. Here are some possible applications for this style of illustration



- Video game style graphic art for print use. The unusual look of fine bitmapped art is becoming popular again - especially in print.

- Application icons

- GUI elements for in software.