When an identity or logo has existed for several years a certain trust & perhaps esteem has been created through it's familiarity. Other positive associations may also have been created.

In some cases & despite this achievement some change may be needed in order to meet new challenges.

Creating a whole new logo to enhance a company or organizations image is usually not called for or even a viable option. Instead enhancement of the existing identity or logo is called for.

The process of enhancing a logo or identity is quite similar to that of creating a logo or identity from scratch.

All the same kinds of questions that need to be asked when starting a logo or Identity from scratch should be asked again to ensure that the new work is properly targeted to current conditions & goals.

When the enhancement is being developed some of the original quality & feeling has to be left over to allow the new version to be recognized. Achieving the balance between old & new can be just as challenging as creating totally new work.

In the case of an identity, some of the elements of the preexisting identity will not be altered at all. If this is the case then care must be taken to ensure that the old or original elements will work well the new or enhanced elements.

This process may sound odd but almost all major logos identities & brands undergo some change, revision & enhancement in the course of their use. This process may even be more common than the creation of genuinely new logos & identities.