A graphic identity is an effort of a business or a organization to create a consistent look & feel for all it's products & often all it's communication. The areas that this kind of project can impact can range from packaging to uniforms to aircraft & trucks to of course, business documents & web sites.


This consistent look is meant to give confidence to both customers & investors. Over the last 20 years there has been a sort of race among business' to create increasingly sophisticated identities to differentiate them from their smaller rivals. It has been a sort of graphic design arms race.

The net result of this race is that everybody's exposure to graphic design has been increasing every year. Just like special effects in Hollywood films our expectations for graphic design are growing every year.

An identity is not just about presenting a formidable graphic presence. An identity is meant to suggest a feeling or attitude. A logo or identity that is really well known can become a brand. Car, fashion, & even computer company names fall into this category. Sometimes a product's identity becomes more important than the company that created it. Candy brands are good examples of this.

A logo is the most obvious building block of an identity but by no means the only one. Type, color choice layout & any number of other factors can go into an building an identity.

Eyebytes has designed numerous identities. We keep track of relevant trends & study the lessons that history can offer.


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