In addition to putting graphics of different kinds into a font format it is possible to embed the image of a signature into a font.

Having your signature in a font allows you to 'sign' documents without catually printing them out & setting pen to paper. A good example is a letter that you want to fax directly from your desktop.

There are two issues that need to be considered when creating this kind of font


When a font is made to look like a signature there is a possibility it will be used for fraud. It is very important that a signature font be kept in a secure manner. If you have doubts about a computer system it is be better not to install a signature font on it.

Typical Signature

A signature that is going to be embedded in a font should be a typical & normal signature. This 'typical' quality will help acceptance of the font as a legitimate signature when it is used. If you are having a signature font made consider using a signature written already or writting the signature out 40 or 50 times or until you have one that you like.