Companies who work with the same set of graphics & symbols or logos over & over may find a font easier to use than a set of graphics.

Sometimes it is easier to offer symbols in a font to staff who are not graphic design professionals.

Images other than letters, numbers & punctuation in a font are sometimes called 'glyphs' or 'dingbats'.

The font you need may already exist. Here are some examples of the wide range of dingbat fonts available today:

- chess symbols
- map or cartographic symbols
- road signs
- crop circle shapes
- electrical symbols

If the graphics you need are not already available Eyebytes can create a custom font with embedded graphics & or logos for you.

Not all symbols & logos are suitable for embedding in a font. Generally speaking the simpler the shape the more likely it is to work well in a font.

Some graphics & logos can be simplified so that they can be used in a font. Other graphics may be too complex or may be unalterable for legal or other reasons.

Depending on a font project's scope & design converting a graphic or series of graphics into a font may take from less than a day to a few months.