There are many reasons to alter a font. One reason is that a given font may not be performing as well as expected. Here are some examples:

- Certain pairs of letters may look awkward together. This problem has to do with kerning.

- A character maybe be missing from the font or look malformed.

- In some cases a font needs to be changed so it performs better on television or on newsprint.

- A font may need to be slightly heavier so it looks reasonable when it is shown in white on black or at a smaller font size.

- Sometimes a font may need to be altered so it look better at a large size; 72 points or or bigger, or at a smaller size; 7 points or smaller.

Here are some additional possibilities for font alteration:

- italic
- condensed
- small caps
- sans serif
- serif

There is not enough space on these pages to list all the possibilities.

If the changes are significant or if these are multiple altered fonts the project may begin to resemble an original font design project in the time required to complete it, it's complexity & cost.

Depending on a font project's scope & design an original font may take from take between 3 months & several years to complete.