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Basic business & promotional materials

Client profile
Fleurish is the premiere Florist in Seattle, WA.

“Whenever people get our printed material they always say wow. We have had a great response from it.”
—Nisha Kelen,

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Eyebytes a complete line of printed material for Fleurish including envelopes & cards for floral baskets & stickers for packages

As Fleurish's color pallete changes & evolves they have the ability to alter the ink colors used in their printed matter. The 3 colors on the cards shown here in view 1,2 & 3; are from the 1st set printed. This set had 12 background shades in all.

View 4 is letterhead, View 5 is an envelope. The four petal flower is printed in varnish. View 6 is a sticker.