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Video Game Graphics

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Maxis is now a part of the game company EA. Maxis was independent when this art was made.

Eyebytes created these images for Maxis. The Game Sim City 2000 used these & many other 'tiles' to represent what was happening in the city you build& manage in the game.

View 1. This image shows some of the construction site, abandoned building & a water tower tiles.

View 2. This is an 'Arcology' graphic based on Paolo Soleri's concept of the development of compact three dimensional alternatives to existing urban sprawls, combining more efficient use of land and resources.

View 3. These are some of the powerplants available in Sim City 2000.

View 4. This is an example of how all the art had to scale down for 'zoomed out' views of the city. This is a Natural Gas power plant.