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Transitions Consulting LLC provides performance enhancing, solution oriented, management consulting services to Boards of Directors, Law Firms, Law Departments & individual lawyers.

“Eyebytes created something that is a perfect visual match of my personality, style and marketing strategy as a transition consultant for Boards of Directors and members of the legal profession. I can and do recommend Eyebytes to you without qualification.”
—Johnnie M. Jackson (Mac)
President & Founder
Transitions Consulting, LLC

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Eyebytes created the Transitions Consulting identity in parallel with a their web site design. Afterwards we printed a range of basic & promotional printed material

This feeling present in this identity was inspired by the personality & interests of the founder. The form of the logos repeating parts is based on sails. The colors in the sails overlap & transition from one color to another.

The overall color scheme is bright & sunny in keeping with the sailing theme & the personality of the founder.

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