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Green Home provides expertise and products to help Americans go green, one home at a time. Green Home has an advisory board comprised of environmental professionals, scientists, and green product experts, to review every product and determine its environmental impact.

“Our logo is deep. People get it right away, but the more they look at it, the more they get out of it. I think the logo Eyebytes designed for us will stand the test of time.”
—Lawrence Comras,
President & CEO, Green Home

Eyebytes created Greenhome's Logo. We hope to be unveiling a complete revised identity package in the future with both web & print conponents.

The Greenhome logo feels open, energetic, familiar & optimistic. The form around the house is suggestive of both a sun & a flower. The house is broken up by the dots & the green of the flowers/sun is brought inside. The dots of the house suggest a step by step quality, it can also represent community & also the somewhat 'techy' web based format that greenhome is presened in. The colors are sunny & natural.

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