Eyebytes is working on an in-house font called Bahn. Bahn features a complete international charcter set & a € (Euro currency) symbol.

Bahn is a fairly large undertaking because of all the variations to be produced. Bahn will be offered monospaced & letterspaced, offer multiple grid heights & widths, and have circles and other shapes in addition to squares. Eventually there should be about 200+ fonts in the familly. There are about 20 so far.

Bahn is initially based on a 83 em unit grid so that the basic 12pt font can perfectly match the pixels on screen.


Work being done now has to do with optical vs. linear scaling. The traditional curve associated with optical scaling is exactly wrong for a font made of dots. It is likely that both will be offered to meet both print & screen users of the font.

Eventually it would be nice to have an open type version of the font so that alternative charcters could be offered in one font - but for now these characters will probably have to be offered as a second alternative font to each primary font.

Bahn 12pt monospaced is the font used this site's navigation elements.

The Bahn Family will eventaully be offered to font publishers to license.