Army Pool Tiles (APT) are now available online. Versions aviaable include: Officer, Officer Short, Enlisted, and Enlisted Short. There is also a Complete set which includes all four.

APT features a complete international character set & a € (Euro currency) symbol.

APT is a display face useful in invoking the pleasures of water: swimming, bathing, spas or perhaps even mineral water.

APT looks best on screen in point sizes that are multiples of 10, and oddly enough is not too bad at 10 points!

Mouse over the numbers on the left side to see more examples.



APT is a modular varable width font not a a monospace. Kerning is done in whole tile widths.

In the future there may be an OpenType version of the font that allows you to type both the posive tiles and the negative tiles, the tiles that would surround the text.

APT's inspiration is the slightly rounded and sometimes cut pool tiles at the Gym on Fort Richardson Army Base, Alaska.


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