Design is an investment. Eyebytes is always working to make sure that our client's investment works for them - in the short term or over a decade or more.

Eyebytes provides Online, Print & and other physical design services.

Eyebytes does not have a 'house style'. Eyebytes designs, including the style or 'look', are aimed exclusively at meeting our clients' needs.

In addition to providing the obvious visual appeal & the right feeling style or look required for a job, an Eyebytes design is rooted in these principles:

- is driven by business objectives
- uses your resources efficiently
- has conceptual clarity
- is easy to use
- is compatibile with users
- can be updated easily

See examples of these priciples applied in our Portfolio.

Eyebytes clients span from Fortune 500 companies, to individuals & non-profits.

Considering a project? Feel free to contact us to find out if we are a good match for your needs.

Eyebytes is located in the incredibly scenic location of Eagle River, Alaska.